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Socializing business for market value

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    Great technologies are always disruptive

    That’s the point: Each advance changes the way things get done, and that’s good

    Today, CMOs build on complex solutions to reach the market while CIOs manage a user-driven infrastructure that must constantly integrate new tools. Mobile technologies blur the lines between local and remote (or work and play). Single-platform solutions such as Salesforce span both horizontal tasks and vertical industry specialties. And most of all, social channels make business and personal communications interchangeable.

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    Social channels enable unique connections between employees, partners, customers and prospects

    There are now unprecedented global opportunities for socializing on a massive scale—for processes, services, products and everything else. It’s all powerful for businesses that can harness it and threatening for those that can’t.

    In fact, the true benefits of social disruption only come with a clear strategy and effective implementation at the nerve center.

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    The nervewire difference

    To help build and keep companies relevant, competitive and successful, nervewire combines:
    • strategy
    • sales and marketing
    • collaboration
    • design
    • implementation
    • management services

    Nervewire closes the loop on existing and incoming technologies to deliver business value. Nervewire socializes business for market value.


Services . Strategy & Management

The Big Picture: Planning, development and execution

  • Strategy and Management

    Social Business Strategy

    In many organizations, social networking still offers more potential than true benefits. Companies need a strategy that bridges internal and external social initiatives to create a collaborative environment for all employees, partners, customers and prospects. Nervewire helps define a clear vision with specific plans and goals that align social media initiatives with business objectives. And with a proven approach to execution, true business value is assured.

  • Strategy and Management

    Business Transformation

    New technologies now become embedded in routine processes at an unprecedented pace, mandating the need for enhanced efficiency while cutting costs. The higher priority, however, should be to proactively identify and implement new products and services that propel innovation and growth. Nervewire develops agile solution sets and processes that offer technology-enabled business transformation.

  • Strategy and Management

    Technology Strategy & Management

    The IT department used to direct the acquisition of virtually all new technologies. Today, many LOB heads and even end users feel free to adopt new products, from network hardware to custom-developed apps, without regard for security, network integration or cost. Nervewire helps manage the acquisition and implementation of new technologies based on specific business objectives and policies to ensure the delivery of true business value.

  • Strategy and Management

    Program & Project Management

    Vision is one thing—real change doesn’t come without active and effective program or project management, and that’s true in every environment, from startups to global conglomerates. Nervewire has extensive experience in reconfiguration projects at established businesses, growth programs with specific goals, company turnarounds, rescues of runaway projects and new business launches.

  • Strategy and Management

    Multi-Channel Optimization

    The retail market used to have a clear distinction between in-store and e-commerce business models. Today, consumers routinely use a mix of content sources and channels, along with mobile apps that offer access to research, recommendations and bargains to find the best deal. That’s why retailers are constantly seeking digital marketing options that increase engagement and boost conversion rates. Nervewire provides analyses and action plans based on the intersection of influence, experience and value to provide the best ROI.

Services . Brand Development & Market Outreach

The message, the medium and the target audience

  • Brand Development & Market Outreach

    Branding & Content

    In this increasingly complex, hyper-competitive business environment, a core company brand—essentially, the promise made to every employee, partner and customer—is more important than ever. It’s the ultimate differentiator, a way for the market to know exactly what to expect in products and services, and how they’re better than other options. Nervewire specializes in developing and protecting comprehensive brand strategies that can be adapted to suit changing operating policies, new distribution channels and emerging markets.

  • Brand Development & Market Outreach

    Social/Mobile Development

    With the growth of the mobile app market—we’re coming up on a million for the iPhone alone—this segment has become the cornerstone of every new approach to the market. In the process, however, they’ve become disengaged from, and often disruptive to, every other business process. Nervewire develops mobile solutions (in the context of mobile being one delivery channel option) that are specifically customized for businesses and their processes while adhering to the core mission.

  • Brand Development & Market Outreach

    Data & Analytics

    It’s the No. 1 problem for many organizations: too much data but not enough intelligence. However, quality Business Intelligence—actionable information, derived through credible data analysis, developed in the right context and delivered via accessible channels—is a critical differentiator. Nervewire brings together BI veterans with extensive market and technological expertise in collating data and deriving BI. The data tells you where you are; Nervewire solutions advise you on where to go, and the best way to get there.

  • Brand Development & Market Outreach

    Strategic Marketing

    The user universe as it now exists can be a distraction and a headache, but it also offers unique opportunities for helping launch new products, turning customers into advocates, and infusing positive brand impressions across multiple channels. Nervewire services assess, analyze, and build strategies to address markets, marketing, sales, service and online interactions to help your business achieve its goals.

Services . Social Productivity

New tools, channels and ideas for the modern business environment

  • Social Productivity

    Social Analytics

    Social interactions now deliver massive amounts of data that are increasingly vital for marketing and collaboration—but only if it is collated and analyzed effectively. Nervewire helps businesses measure the impact of ongoing social initiatives—both your company’s, and those of your competitors—and build capabilities that can be used to guide business strategy, product development and market outreach.

  • Social Productivity


    E-mail is just a start: Businesses now function as an intellectual supply chain, with employees, partners and customers in constant communication through a virtual technology bridge. Nervewire specialists develop and implement innovative solutions that combine best-of-breed technologies with customized deployment models to ensure smooth interaction and collaboration between widely dispersed individuals and institutions.

  • Social Productivity


    Every kind of end user—employee, customer, partner, prospect—now expects a different kind of communication. Think of it as a regular flow of information without irritation. This requires a unique level of engagement that depends on the products and services involved, the frequency of notification, and the value and quality of each interaction. Nervewire offers proven approaches for optimizing these attributes to help ensure effective engagement and genuine value.

Services . Design & Architecture

Back-end infrastructure to user engagement

  • Design & Architecture

    User Experience and Design

    User experience has always been important, but even small design flaws can now hamper end user adoption in an instant. At the same time, the constantly evolving technology environment mandates the need to make critical design choices at the earliest stages of project implementation. Nervewire processes ensure that user experience and design are an integral component of every solution, and is adapted to suit changing market needs.

  • Design & Architecture

    Information Architecture

    Information architecture is core to the success of many business strategies, but often overlooked until reporting proves non-actionable. Nervewire specializes in the art and science of organizing content and data so that it becomes usable, insightful, actionable and ultimately critical. Nervewire processes ensure that information architecture is always considered an integral part of every solution, and part of broader strategies for master data management.

  • Design & Architecture

    Social Identity

    In the social media universe, every company has virtually endless opportunities for brand extension, and the potential revenue that goes with it. However, an increasing number of blogs, Twitter hashtags and Facebook posts, along with other social incarnations, also has the potential to undermine the company brand and core mission. Nervewire helps develop a consistent social identity that adapts and translates to each social channel, uncovering business intelligence and driving engagement.

  • Design & Architecture

    Application Development

    Companies need applications, but they have to be customized, not commoditized. Nervewire puts together the right development and integration team to help you take advantage of emerging opportunities, but builds into each project a specific mandate, timeline and purpose. Whether you need a quick fix or a complex configuration for multiple platforms, we’ll make it fit right, and scale right.

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