Coffee vs. Beer: What’s Your Brew?

Good news! We found an infographic that highlights the benefits of drinking both coffee and beer. You’re welcome.

Coffee drinkers are often quick to defend their reliance on caffeine consumption by claiming it makes them more creative and productive. According to science and this handy image, they’re right—or half right. While coffee can give you the energy and focus you need to execute on a creative idea, said creative idea is best thought up when drinking another brewed favorite (for the 21+ crowd): beer. When you choose beer over coffee (not in the workplace, of course) the alcohol travels to your cerebral cortex. At a blood alcohol level of 0.07 your mind is less focused on your surroundings but free to explore creative thoughts. Caffeine, on the other hand, gives you a kick of energy and focus within 5 minutes. That boost in concentration helps you to be more effective at executing specific tasks.

If being creative and executing against that creativity is a critical part of your job, go ahead and pick your productivity poison. Just remember: drink too much of either and lose the benefits of both. There’s a time and a place for everything, and moderation is king.

Beer vs Coffee Infographic

At Nervewire, developing and executing strategic digital marketing and technology solutions requires a strong balance of creativity and attention to detail. While we’ll leave our after-hours drink selection to the imagination, we thought it would be cool to capture our coffee consumption in image form.

Now, who needs a pick-me up?

Nervewire coffee by the numbers