“Wynging It” With The Trust Factor

It’s not easy to find a new doctor, dentist, accountant, or [insert provider of decidedly personal services here]. Before you make important consumer decisions, pre-purchase research is always in your best interest. When you don’t have the time and energy to ask family members and friends for recommendations, however, where do you turn?

Despite their widespread popularity, not all customer review websites are created equal. If you’re about to invite someone into your home to fix your indoor plumbing, how much confidence are you willing to place in biased, crowd-sourced ratings from strangers? What does a “star rating” truly mean?

One Nervewire client offers a better solution. Enter Wyngspan, the startup behind the online “Trust Network” connecting a growing community of businesses, professionals and consumers. The online service leverages a social business model to offer a simple, viable alterative to ambiguous and unreliable reviews.

By combining the credibility of word-of-mouth with the reach of social media, the site brings private trust to the public sphere and allows businesses to better understand, act upon and improve their brand’s reputation. Wyngspan brings a new and personalized dimension to customer reviews, and will certainly be a website to watch in 2014.

How trustworthy is your business?

Learn more about the Wyngspan mission: https://wyngspan.com

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