6 Tips for Improving Your Brand’s Twitter Experience

Twitter is taking the social media world by storm with no signs of slowing down in 2014 (it has a pretty impressive IPO to live up to). As flocks of new users — including social media professionals — join daily, it can be difficult for a brand to stay afloat amidst a sea of Tweets. Here are a few tips to help take your brand account to the next level:


Post photos and videos.  Visual content is processed 60,000x faster in the human brain than text. Images matter. Twitter recently updated the platform to feature previews of photos within tweets. The visual update allows fans to see images without clicking the tweet or photo link. Brands should take advantage of this update to determine how effective it is for their audience. Once a trend is identified, adjust schedule times and content for best results.

Sync accounts. Link the Twitter profile to a brand’s top social property with the most followers and engagement. Syncing accounts allows audiences from both platforms to see and react to the same content. In most cases, there will be a gradual increase in Twitter followers as this audience becomes aware of your presence on Twitter. Start with syncing sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram to your account.

Create and join conversations. It is crucial to join or start conversations with influencers, followers and fans. Twitter was made for social conversation; use it to ask and respond to follower questions, join Twitter chats, connect with influencers and potential partners. When brands establish Twitter connections, their follower count grows. Refrain from only announcing content, but create an open line of communication between the brand and your audience.

Share original content. Show the Twitter-verse who and what your brand is about by sharing original content or products. This differentiates you from your competition and millions of published tweets. As follower count increases, platform engagement will also experience a boost. Put original content in front of your audience so they can share the goods with their networks, ultimately improving brand reach and other aspects of your online business.

Share influencer and fan content. Build relationships with influencers and partners by sharing their content. Retweet other’s content to broadcast it to your followers. In turn, influencers are more likely to return the favor.

Be authentic. ­­ Profiles are proven to be more attractive when tweets and information are unadulterated. In this social world, it is important to come off as personable and genuine. Robotic jargon comes off as extremely suspicious and will likely cause many to question the validity of you and your account. Refrain from repetitive, tired information.

Use these steps and you’ll elevate your overall Twitter experience. In the process, you’ll come to really appreciate the site and the connections that it creates. Being in the right space and speaking to the right people about the right things are the basic elements necessary to building a great account. Stop the endless chatter and unlock your full Twitter potential today. The results are definitely worth the effort.