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Back-end infrastructure to user engagement

  • Design & Architecture

    User Experience and Design

    User experience has always been important, but even small design flaws can now hamper end user adoption in an instant. At the same time, the constantly evolving technology environment mandates the need to make critical design choices at the earliest stages of project implementation. Nervewire processes ensure that user experience and design are an integral component of every solution, and is adapted to suit changing market needs.

  • Design & Architecture

    Information Architecture

    Information architecture is core to the success of many business strategies, but often overlooked until reporting proves non-actionable. Nervewire specializes in the art and science of organizing content and data so that it becomes usable, insightful, actionable and ultimately critical. Nervewire processes ensure that information architecture is always considered an integral part of every solution, and part of broader strategies for master data management.

  • Design & Architecture

    Social Identity

    In the social media universe, every company has virtually endless opportunities for brand extension, and the potential revenue that goes with it. However, an increasing number of blogs, Twitter hashtags and Facebook posts, along with other social incarnations, also has the potential to undermine the company brand and core mission. Nervewire helps develop a consistent social identity that adapts and translates to each social channel, uncovering business intelligence and driving engagement.

  • Design & Architecture

    Application Development

    Companies need applications, but they have to be customized, not commoditized. Nervewire puts together the right development and integration team to help you take advantage of emerging opportunities, but builds into each project a specific mandate, timeline and purpose. Whether you need a quick fix or a complex configuration for multiple platforms, we’ll make it fit right, and scale right.

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