In preparation for 2014, Nervewire breaks from the holiday grind to look back on social business trends of 2013. Which channels and methods enjoyed the most success? Here’s a teaser to our full list:

Mobile Marketing:

By the end of the year, mobile devices will outnumber human beings. Consequentially and unsurprisingly, mobile marketing was on the rise in 2013. From gaming apps to purchasing and social apps, consumers are using their connected devices more and more frequently for everyday indulgences. This is especially evident in consumers between the ages of 18-35. Creating experiences that are optimized for Smartphones, tablets and iPads has become a profitable way for businesses to grow their market share and rise above the competition.

We believe that brands navigating the social business landscape should build an experience for mobile first, and then make it work for desktop and other needs from there.

Video and Infographics:

Visual graphics are a great way to convey a very complex message in a simplified fashion, largely because the human brain processes visual data 60,000 times faster than text. Social business trends have followed accordingly, and infographics, videos and images have played an integral part in social media’s 2013 growth.

According to Nielson, Pinterest had a 1047% year over year change rate in number of users, and 80% of those users are women. What are they pinning? Food, recipes and clothes, mostly—but quality matters, too. The better and more sharable the image, the higher its engagement rate. Pinterest, Instagram and Vine were designed around this theory.


Though Twitter has been criticized for its 140 character limit, the channel now boasts over 500 million users and is on track to continue its 2013 climb. 45% of Twitter consumers are 18-29 years old, compared to 34% for Facebook. When marketing to millennials, this channel can and will be a viable way to expand audience conversations.

These are just a few among many of the 2013 trends that will guide social media strategy into 2014 (e.g. Will Google + surpass Facebook? More Myspace, really?). We’ll complete our full recap when we wrap up the year.

If you’re ready to execute a successful social business model, we’re here to help.

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