Date:   July 12, 2013
Client:   Calico
  • Calico

Designer fabric retailer Calico wanted a fan-generated content strategy that could stream across multiple properties, particularly Instagram. The Nervewire team implemented a series of small social strategies that could nurture the consumer-brand relationship, encourage sharing, and ultimately grow the existing networks and audiences. To drive conversations, Nervewire published content on Facebook and Twitter from the Calico website asking fans to share how they would use various fabrics to decorate a specific room in their home. In other engagement options, fans were asked to share images of store visits, brand products, and their own designs, all with the goal of inspiring others. In numerous cases, simple experiences that involved ‘liking’ an image or fostering a conversation through even basic questions increased social interaction. As a result, fan-generated content increased by 5% in a relatively short time. Over time, the total engagement improved by 232.57%, greatly increasing Calico’s brand visibility and audience base.