Date:   July 8, 2013
Client:   Tourneau
  • Tourneau

Tourneau, the largest watch retailer in the world, was looking to conceptualize how partnering with an influencer in the luxury watch market drives additional engagement across social channels. Gaining additional watch enthusiasts would of course help the company bolster establish its brand as a trusted retailer.  Retained to research, develop and execute this task, Nervewire developed a Tourneau Influencer Partnership.  The partner selected for the venture was a watch collector and esteemed blogger who had gained popularity by sharing photos of his wrists adorned in a variety of luxury timepieces. The Tourneau-based content was then via distributed via the blogger’s Instagram account. As a result of this comprehensive but focused partnership strategy, Tourneau was able to leverage all photographs, both published and unpublished, as new content in its own social channels, which in turn helped drive engagement. Over the course of the campaign, Tourneau was able to increase its Instagram base of followers by over 25%.  During this two-month thought leadership initiative, Tourneau also increased total website visits, unique visits and page views.