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  • Social Productivity

    Social Analytics

    Social interactions now deliver massive amounts of data that are increasingly vital for marketing and collaboration—but only if it is collated and analyzed effectively. Nervewire helps businesses measure the impact of ongoing social initiatives—both your company’s, and those of your competitors—and build capabilities that can be used to guide business strategy, product development and market outreach.

  • Social Productivity


    E-mail is just a start: Businesses now function as an intellectual supply chain, with employees, partners and customers in constant communication through a virtual technology bridge. Nervewire specialists develop and implement innovative solutions that combine best-of-breed technologies with customized deployment models to ensure smooth interaction and collaboration between widely dispersed individuals and institutions.

  • Social Productivity


    Every kind of end user—employee, customer, partner, prospect—now expects a different kind of communication. Think of it as a regular flow of information without irritation. This requires a unique level of engagement that depends on the products and services involved, the frequency of notification, and the value and quality of each interaction. Nervewire offers proven approaches for optimizing these attributes to help ensure effective engagement and genuine value.

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