This month the MTA reintroduced interactive kiosks to select New York City subway stations. Partnering with Control Group, who covered the costs, MTA developed, tested and installed On The Go! Travel Stations to improve city transit experiences for daily commuters and visitors. While it’s too early to gauge their success, the new touchscreen kiosks point to a shift in consumer needs and the MTA’s expanding efforts to meet them (also awesome: real-time bus tracking coming soon).

MTA On The Go Travel Station

Why change to interactive maps?

How often do subway commuters use traditional posted maps? Probably about as often as highway commuters choose cumbersome paper maps over GPS devices or smartphones. Even tourists are more likely to ask fellow travellers before consulting an antiquated piece of paper — an approach that invites much room for error in the event of delays, construction, etc.

The new MTA On the Go maps take all potential headaches into consideration, bringing accurate, real-time information to commuter fingertips. Literally. The touchscreen feature provides a sense of precision and control, and as each experience is unique to the individual user, the new maps enable a wider MTA passenger demographic (e.g. tourists) to travel with confidence.

MTA On The Go Travel Station

For the adventurous spirit, a standout feature of the new subway maps is Points of Interest. Select this option to identify a popular New York City attraction, and then instantly find the quickest, foolproof route to get there.

MTA On The Go Travel Stations Points of Interest


Will this be farewell to the standard MTA map? 

Aesthetically speaking, never (they make great posters). From a functionality perspective, we will only know with time. Before MTA On The Go! kiosks can become widely accepted, commuters will need to be made aware of their presence, and then comfortable with using them. Currently only available at Grand Central Station, more kiosks are set to appear at select stations in the coming months.

If you see an On The Go! Travel Station, give it “a go” and let us know what you think!